When rockets come to Israel

From unknown Facebook user wrote: “Hi Hamas, My friends and I were greatly impressed by your success at launching a rocket over 110 kilometers’ distance. Well done. lolz

It's Always Something


This is what it’s like in Israel when there is a rocket attack. I’m doing whatever I’m doing—folding laundry, unwrapping a sandwich, crossing the street—when a siren begins to wail. It oscillates loud-soft, loud-soft, like a swing approaching-receding, approaching-receding.

The people around me have mixed reactions. Most rush for shelter. One woman huddles on the ground, with her knees to her chest, in tears. Some teens, nonchalant, lean against a wall, smoking hand-rolled cigarettes. Like most foreigners, I skittishly follow the “guidelines for an event of missile attack,” which boil down to, “duck and cover away from things that could collapse or shatter.”

There is a boom and a smoke cloud in the sky to the east. The siren continues. There is another boom and two smoke clouds to the south. The siren stops. Three rockets were shot down by the Iron Dome, Israel’s highly effective missile defense system.


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