Foreigners believe Nigerians are not polite and orderly

People abroad think Nigerians are not orderly because they jump queues or do not line up in an orderly fashion.


Why waste time on the queue when it is every man for himself.  Sometimes, the last shall be the first and the first shall be the last. Hehe!

So tell me what is more Organized than This!


Foreigners Thinks Nigerians Are Odd

But Please what is Odd in this

They cook with Red Oil!


Foreigners believe we cook most of our meals with red oil (Palm oil).  I met Cheng in China Town, Ojota and he expressed how he felt about eating food made with red oil.  He said, “even though it was dreadful for me the first time I ate Egusi soup made with palm oil, I will never forget the delicious taste and aroma; now I eat Naija soups like a Nigerian”.

If you haven’t tasted soups or moi moi made with palm oil, cooked beans made with palm oil, you are seriously missing. These meals are utterly delicious!

So what is Odd about That…. Free us Joor